Chloe here. I am a first year undergraduate studying BA Media and International Development at the University of East Anglia. Needless to say I am absolutely loving it! I have always had an interest in working within the media industry, yet within only a short amount of time being at UEA, and studying the specific course I am, I feel invigorated to begin my journey of getting into my ideal career which is development journalism and/or working within communications. With this in mind, I aim to be writing posts which relate to my studies: could be critiquing theories learnt at uni, or my views on certain global issues within development which I feel this blog gives me a platform for.
I understand that this field of study and interest is rather niche, but if you have managed to keep reading up until this point, then I trust you will have the patience to bear with me as I talk about issues regarding media and international development.
Chloe Howcroft