Firstly, Happy Easter to you all! I hope you have all enjoyed a deserving extended weekend, and have eaten chocolate to your hearts’ content. But remember: all in moderation!

And hand in hand with Easter comes Spring. I know that officially it became Spring a good couple of weeks ago, but it just didn’t feel like it should. However, more and more, having seen more brightly coloured tulips and daffodils in communal gardens, and floral prints on tops (and jeans, and skirts, and bags…), the ambience of Spring is now present among us all. That, and high hopes and aspirations. So, in tune with my lifted mood, which is naturally in season, I want to share with you my experience at a workshop I recently attended, which has invigorated my future career plans and aspirations.

Can Mezzine Building Reception| Photo: Chloe Howcroft

A few weeks ago (before Spring officially sprung into our lives), I attended a workshop on International Reporting, held by One World Media. Funnily enough, I heard about OWM, their workshops and their Production Fund through Twitter, and by following them up, found them to be an interesting resource. OWM funds international documentaries, films and even gives young budding development journalists the opportunity to create a piece of media of their own, covering a particular story in a developing country, by applying for their ‘Production Fund’. However, in order to apply, one must have attended a workshop, such as the one I attended, which makes you eligible for the fund.


The International Reporting Workshop, delivered by Jenny Kleeman, British journalist, who presents for ‘Unreported World’ by Channel 4, as well as working with Vice, and writing and producing documentaries for The Guardian, covered an array of skills and considerations required to report international news. This ranged from safety, to interview skills, to how to pitch and produce a piece of media which audiences will want to watch.

List of companies sharing the Can Mezzine space | Photo: Chloe Howcroft

Before I bore you with too many details of the day, I have instead included a link to the ‘Reflective Statement’ I had to write for my university’s career’s service who, generously, funded my place on the workshop through their ‘Employability Development Fund’. Click on the link below to read the statement:

International Reporting Workshop Reflective Statement pdf

Find out more about the workshops and Production Fund which OWM offer by clicking here.

And if there is anything that you should take away from this, if you do make the courageous – and what some may say, crazy – decision to report on international news is: please do remember to wear a seat-belt. Your safety, and the safety of others, might just depend on it!

Me and my partner in crime

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